Most Wanted Drilling, LLC.

About Us

We are a general engineering contractor specializing in
caisson drilling and pier placement.
 We are also willing to pour concrete if necessary.
We drill large-diameter holes for subgrade foundations
as well as for piers, bridges and structures such as
cell towers, power line poles and sign bases.
In 1996, Stilson (president) and Argyle (Operations President)
formed Most Wanted Drilling,
although Stilson continued to work for the power company until 2000.
Since that time, Most Wanted Drilling has been involved in several
distinctive projects, including the Camp Williams Power Line,
Light Pole Structures and Freeway Signs for Legacy Highway,
the construction of five shoring walls at
Deer Creek Reservoir near Midway,
the Salmon River Bridge in Challis, ID and the Jordanelle Dam Hydro
Power Project.

Stilson generally finds the work, does the bidding and handles the setup
prior to the jobs while Argyle organizes the crews and the equipment
and oversees the current jobs progressions.

Stilson and Argyle’s wives also have roles with the company.
Ruby Kay Stilson is Office Manager and
Katrina Argyle is Secretary/Treasurer
when she’s not working as a school teacher.
Other valuable members of the team include Gary Fullmer, Jorge
Vasques, Cade Morris, Brandon Kartchner, Steve Kirkpatrick,
Juan Vega, Chris West and Trevor Bradshaw.
Kirk Bradshaw is a transport driver and mechanic.

Most Wanted Drilling, LLC.

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